Lake Berryessa

Concession Redevelopment Feasibility Analysis, Master Plan & Implementation Assistance – Including Concession Contract and Prospectus Design, and Concessionaire Selection Assistance: Assisted the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to plan and implement redevelopment of concession operations at Lake Berryessa, California, removing over 1,500 mobile home and travel trailer sites, and contracting for development and operation of replacement and new marinas, boat launch ramps, lodging, campgrounds, food & beverage, retail services, equipment rental and fuel sales. The existing concession contracts were replaced in 2010. The firm’s services included:

• Analysis of the incumbent concession operations;
• Identification of potential concession redevelopment and new development options;
• Determination of the market for, and economic viability of, potential concession developments;
• Estimation of the capital and operating costs of the plan components and alternatives;
• Preparation of an appropriate overall concession replacement implementation and management plan; and
• Advice and assistance to the proposal review panel to select the new concessionaire(s)

The effort began with market analyses, site evaluations and preparation of alternative concepts for the concessions’ operations, considering size, quality, mix and geographical location. The conceptual alternatives were modified as Dornbusch provided analyses to assist the Bureau understand the plan’s effects and specify its plan preferences. The effort enabled the Bureau to select a plan and redevelopment concept that balanced:

• Provision of services to the public;
• Financial viability for the concession contractors;
• Financial benefits to the government; and
• Resource preservation and protection.