Kings Canyon National Park

Concession Services Analysis and Prospectus Development

Dornbusch performed all of the business consultation services required to support the NPS’s planning and development of a new prospectus for the next concession contract. The work entailed Due Diligence; Market Analysis; Rate Study; Personal Property Valuation and Replacement Schedule; Financial and Investment Analysis and Scenario Meeting; Initial Prospectus Development; Roundtable Meeting Preparation and Execution; and Preparation and Delivery of Final Prospectus Document.

The new concession plan entailed numerous modifications to facilities’ uses and operations, all of which were portrayed in a series of alternative scenarios, whose financial implications were portrayed in the firm’s interactive real-time financial model. We modeled the financial impacts of new services (a new midscale restaurant with 96 indoor and 48 outdoor seats, temporary food & beverage service, alternative configurations of retail spaces, and expanded tent cabin lodging and employee housing options).

A Concession Facilities Improvement Program (CFIP) developed for the new contract included the new restaurant, and Dornbusch participated in the planning process, including the Choosing by Advantages (CBA) meeting, the preliminary Development Concept Plan, and the life cycle cost analysis. Dornbusch also drafted the Proposal Package questions asking Offerors to describe their design concepts for the restaurant, including allocation of space for the kitchen, dining, and storage areas, and to describe how they would incorporate Park themes (specifically the protection of Giant Sequoias and the historical significance of Grant Grove) into the design of the restaurant.

The project was initiated in September 2009 with the analyses completed September 2012. The Prospectus attracted multiple offers and the contract was successfully awarded in 2013.